An exciting game that will make you all feel the great battle of each story. Novomatic presents an exciting game where the main character in the game is a princess. Princesses of war from one of the games developed by novomatic. In this story the princesses are ready to fight and save the world from danger.

Princesses of war game that comes with the power of princesses. 5 princesses who are ready to fight to defend their world. The presence of beautiful princesses is not as ordinary princesses but princesses who have unexpected powers. The princess who passes through time and space will give and lead them to a great battleground.

Info to get the win

Tgm4 – Princesses of war is a type of game that has 5 wilds where each wild has a different value. Gamers do not need to wait for the amount of payment because in the game princesses of war get a free win. Where each symbol will give unexpected value to gamers.

The shape of the screen filled with gray clouds ready to attack this world has the form of 5 reels and 3 rows in the game. In each symbol there are many characters with different strengths and double values ​​that can be obtained by gamers. To get to know the symbol you can see from the info symbol. In the information there are many symbols that are ready to give value and the number of symbols that gamers must get to win the game.

5 great princesses//war

Game symbols and 5 wilds

Then the symbols in the game are: 5 princesses who have different colors and strengths, eagle, Pegasus, leopard, gold chest, 2 swords, bonus ball, and remy card marks A, K, Q, J, 10, and 9 The most awaited thing is the wild which can replace all symbols except the bonus game sign.

So the luck that gamers can achieve in princesse of war is when they get the presence of every wild. 5 colors with different values ​​and strengths gamers can find in the game. 5 women who will give an unexpected double value such as:

– Blue color gives double value 2 times

– Purple get 3 times

– Red gives power by 5 times

– Gold value 8x

– Green is 10x

5 women with different powers

Of the 5 women, the highest value falls on the green color which will give a high double value so that gamers can win. However, gamers can also get colors from different women because the double value they will give will make you win quickly. The same 3 wilds will give gamers an unexpected value. Hmm, surely gamers hope that the green color appears so they can win a lot.

In addition to the beautiful heroines there is also a bonus game sign that will give you free spins. Getting 3 bonus game symbols will bring unexpected free spins. Which free spins will randomize themselves so gamers have to pray that they get lots of free spins. The presence of free spins also has a relationship with the princesses.

Presence of free spins

As we know the highest double value falls on the green princess, but it is different from the free spins because the free spins are on the blue princess. Even though the blue princess has a small double value, it has a lot of free spins that make gamers hope that they will succeed in getting the blue princess during the free spins.

The value of the free spins on each daughter and their appearance are:

– Blue princess comes on reels 2, 3, and 5 with 20 free spins

– Purple on 3, 5, and 8 totals 15 turns

– Red 5, 8, and 10 get 10

– Gold : 8, 10, 15 = 8

– Green : 10, 15, and 30 = 5